Location Ideas for Boudoir and Nude Photography

Set-up and location plays a vital role when it comes to boudoir photography. The main purpose of these photographs is to emphasise your client’s body and make it look sultry and surreal. Always ensure that you have chosen a location that is well lit and agreed upon by your client as well. 

Tips To Choose the Perfect Location for Boudoir or Nude Photography

If you’re confused about what location to choose, here are some location ideas and tips that you can refer.

  • Choose An Open Space

It is important to choose a location that is large enough for your client to move around. Keep away from spots that are overcrowded and opt for a place with minimal disturbances. A great location can be your client’s bedroom with a minimal of furniture.

  • Go For Natural Light

Lighting is the most important factor when photographing, and what’s better than completely natural light? Choose a location that has enough natural light as it will allow you to click photographs that are marvellous.

  • Seek Your Clients Suggestion

You can also ask your client what their preferred location will be. Often clients love being photographed in their own personal space, whereas other times you can just rent out a space for the shoot or opt for a studio. 

The location where you carry out the nude photography can make or break your photos, so always make sure you choose one that’s best. 

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