How to Prepare For You Next Boudoir Photography Session

Preparations for your boudoir session should start before the actual day of the photoshoot. We often talk to our clients for days or even weeks before their boudoir photoshoots because this is a big and exciting thing for them! We want them to feel ready so communication is extremely important not only to them but to us too. We love building trust and confidence with the client before the session and also during the session. A boudoir photographer should be amazing with the camera but they should also be equally amazing at understanding a woman’s mind, complimenting her in the right way and helping her feel 100% ready!
It will be evident in the final images that comfort and trust has been established between you and the photographer. Boudoir photography is not usually a one day process, though it can be. There are lot of things you’ve can prepare for. Often the decision to actually do a boudoir shoot comes after some emails and even possibly phone calls with the photographer. We never expect any woman to book a shoot after a lot of emails or phone calls because the joy is in the journey, and we love women so there’s no harm in making wonderful connections and helping women feel better about themselves and learning about how it all works whether they end up doing a shoot or not. If you decide to have a boudoir session after all, you will have some things to prepare for.
Below you’ll find some instructions regarding the preparations for a Boudoir Session:


Choosing the best photographer for you is simple. Follow the feeling because your heart knows the way. Take advantage of free consultations, read reviews and testimonials. Go through their online galleries. Choose someone who is professional, empowering, and who’s work you love the most.


Boudoir is not about boobs or booty. Little things can make a difference. Here are some things you may consider:
– Use your favourite nail polish. If you want a classic look then the red nail polish is for you!
– Shave or wax if you do that. Keep timing in mind and know your skin and how it responds to these things to avoid redness.


You can use your favourite moisturiser on the day of shoot to give your skin a natural and soft glow.
Wear loose fitting clothes to your shoot to avoid marks on your skin that tight clothes can leave.
Skip the tight bra, the socks, the watch and forget the belt, the tight fitting jeans, and everything else that could leave marks on your skin.


All skin tones are beautiful. Tanning is not necessary for boudoir shoots. But also do keep in mind that it’s all about personal preference and whatever makes you happy, will look fantastic! Try not using fake tanning lotions or spray tanning because it’ll more than likely make things worse in the final images.

If you choose the “sun-kissed look”, then we recommend sticking to the tanning methods that help provide the natural skin-bathed look! It could be the tanning beds, or the beach.


Spend some time choosing lingerie that makes you feel the best. Bring extra stuff because in this instance, it’s good to have options on your special day.
Cut off any distracting tags that may end up showing up in the photos, but also keep in mind that we can almost always photoshop the tags out if something does end up showing.


Don’t be nervous if you can help it. Let it go and trust the process. You’ve done everything you can to prepare. Now let the experience unfold. Even if you did nothing to prepare, it will still be an amazing experience. Promise! It’ll be fun! If you’re still looking for more ways to relax, talk to an encouraging person, contact the photographer, listen to some of your favourite music, meditate, and take 5 deep breaths. It’ll be amazing in the end!

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