How to Have An Amazing Boudoir Shoot

We can share some of the most important ideas that can help you make your first ever Boudoir session an everlasting experience. These are the key things that you need to do to have a great first ever boudoir session.
Boudoir photography is a style featuring seductive, sensual, romantic and erotic images of a subject being taken in a studio, bedroom, a private dressing room or in nature. The primary intension for boudoir photography is the enjoyment of the person getting photographed and their romantic partner. In order to figure out if a boudoir shoot is right for you, it’s important to have a good understanding of what boudoir photography is all about. Boudoir photography is not necessarily about getting naked and having a photoshoot. How much you wear is entirely up to you. We can make you look sexy in lingerie, a bathrobe, and in nothing at all. Being sexy is a mindset, it has little to do with how much you wear.

So here are the 5 ways you can make your boudoir shoot a masterpiece.


Choosing the right photographer, who’s energy yo resonate with, and a photographer with the right skills and a professional mindset is the first step of having an enjoyable and quality boudoir photoshoot. The photographer must understand the female psyche and must know how to relate to them in order to bring out the best in them for their boudoir session. Your comfort and confidence in us is really important to us so we always welcome people to meet us in person, over the phone, or a skype/zoom video call if they would like to understand who they’re going to be working with better. We don’t only want your images to be amazing, but we also want you to feel amazing during your shoot. You may want to do a boudoir session with us because we understand all the aspects of a successful and happy boudoir photography session.


One of the most important parts of the Boudoir photography process is the communication about what you’re looking for. We encourage you to create a mood-board with images that you love, so this way we understand your ideal style of boudoir photography. You can also freely try new things during your boudoir shoot as well just by asking. Also, based on what you are looking for, we will also use certain poses to fit your personality. In the end, you only choose the images you absolutely love before we begin editing them! This way you get exactly what you want.


If you choose to wear lingerie for your boudoir shoot, we encourage you to bring all the lingerie you like. You may not wear all of it during the session but at least you will be confident that you have options. The photographer will also help you choose from the lingerie that you do bring. From simple lingerie to nothing at all if that’s what you desire. If you’re doing this boudoir shoot as a gift to your partner, consider what they love most without directly asking them to make sure they don’t find out why you’re asking because then the surprise won’t be the same.


Music matters a lot because it can really put you in the mood and make you feel happy and confident. In the “build your own boudoir photoshoot questionnaire” we encourage you to create your favourite music for the boudoir session so you can really get comfortable with something familiar and something that makes you feel good as well. Imaging rocking a boudoir shoot to some of your favourite tunes?


During your session, we will provide the necessary guidance when it comes to posing. If you do find poses that you love and create a mood-board as well prior to the shoot, feel free to practice them in front of the mirror so that when you’re at the boudoir shoot, you will feel like you’ve already done this a dozen times. This of course is optional so if you want to rock up to your boudoir session as you are, please do! We would love to have you there and photograph you like you’ve never been photographed before.

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