How it works

The process


get ready

You will choose the time & date to be photographed
The location will be in a nice Airbnb organised by us, or a location organised by you.
The cost is $265.00 for a 90 minute shoot. Each image you select is $50 and is paid for after selection.

The hair and makeup is not included with this shoot and we always recommend our clients to get it done themselves or with a hair and makeup artist of their choice to make sure the look they want is achieved. We will organise an Airbnb and confirm it with you. The airbnb cost is covered by the booking fee for the 90 minute shoot. 


how it goes

Depending on where the shoot takes place, we will meet there just a little bit before it starts so you can get to know the photographer and have a little champagne, show the lingerie you’ve brought and plan out the shoot with your boudoir photographer. 

The style that we shoot in is very unique. While you will be guided from pose to pose, there will mostly be freestyle shooting because the most astonishing images are not planned, but they happen. 

“If you let go of the life that you’ve planned, you will find the life that is waiting for you.” 
– Joseph Campbell

After the shoot, you can have some more champagne and go on your merry way. Your boudoir photographer will then cull through the images, delete the ones that did not turn out, and send you everything else for selection. That’s where you can decide for yourself which images you want to be edited.

Selection & Turnaround

The post production

The turnaround for the images is a 3-5 days after they have been selected.
$50 per image

After the shoot, you will receive your images for selection purposes within 48 hours. Once you’ve selected your favourites, it will take 3-5 days for them to be edited. There are no minimum or maximum number of images that you have to choose after the photos have been taken. That’s completely up to you!

They will be professionally retouched and sent back to you as finished art pieces for you to cherish forever <3

Frequently asked questions.

Boudoir photography - common questions

Nicu Castravet is the photographer. His TikTok is @nicucastravet
More about Nicu on our about us page.

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