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What is boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is an intimate type of photography, often involving a bedroom and lingerie but can sometimes be done in nature as well. The female body is pure art and therefore boudoir photography is so popular with women and their partners. A boudoir shoot is something you will remember forever, and the images you keep will help you do that.

A way to express yourself

Women of all shapes and sizes love expressing themselves in this way. They pose for the camera, and get “caught in the moment” by photos which often “accidentally” look amazing! When they do a boudoir shoot, they eventually forget about the camera and begin flowing with the photographer which produces incredible images. 

something to remember

Some women say they wish they had done a boudoir shoot sooner. Some women do boudoir shoots often to keep memories of themselves for years to come and experience joy when they look at themselves from a professional photographer’s point of view.

love for yourself
an empowering experience

A shoot filled with compliments, and a constant reminder of how amazing and beautiful you really are will empower you for a really long time in boudoir! After you see the finished products (your boudoir images) you will remember why you are great!

Your self love and appreciation will never be the same in boudoir session. You will be more comfortable in your own skin and generally feel better in boudoir.


What Our Clients Say About Us from their boudoir experience

Nude Photography
I had an absolute amazing time, the photographer was so kind and understanding and even though I was so nervous he made me feel so relaxed, the hospitality is amazing and I was even offered tea and coffee. His girlfriend was there as well for support and his adorable kitties which co-modelled with me in some shots and the video. She and the photographer are beautiful on the inside and out. It was my first boudoir shoot and I was so comfortable and excited while shooting. I definitely came away from it confident and feeling so sexy and powerful. The photographer is so open minded and will try and and all ideas you want to try. 💙❤💙
Boudoir & Nude Photography
The boudoir shoot was extremely comfortable and fun, we got some incredible pictures, and considering it was my first time Nicu made sure there was no need to be nervous, and gave me the choice of what I wanted to do, wear, how I wanted the pictures to turn out, which was really fantastic. He definitely makes it about you, and making you feel good in your own skin in boudior.
Boudoir Photography
Great photographer! Really easy going and all round good vibe. Made me feel comfortable and welcome. Shots turned out great so I would definitely recommend!
I've worked with Nicu twice now and every time he's made me comfortable, happy and beautiful during boudoir. He really loves his photography and fully believes in empowering women and helping them love themselves. Highly recommend this amazing hooman
When I arrived to the studio, had a warm welcome by Nicu. There was a personalized welcome sign when I walked in, which I thought was really sweet. Was offered lots of coffee and had the most fun and amazing, yet memorable shoot 🙂 Felt extremely confident throughout the boudoir shoot and the images and video look fantastic! If you are starting out or wanting to expand your portfolio, I highly recommend Nicu - He truly has a Gods Gift 😛
Boudoir Photography
Absolute pleasure working with Nicu in this boudoir session. Very professional and an amazing photographer. I would definitely recommend to all.

More about boudoir photography

Boudoir photography is something every woman should experience at least once in her life.

It’s something that will absolutely empower her and leave her feeling loved, appreciated and absolutely gorgeous.

Women choose to have a boudoir session for a variety of reasons. It may be to boost her confidence, to treat herself or to give her images as a special gift to someone special. Whatever her reason, they have an amazing time with our highly skilled photographer. 

Women often get boudoir shoots to have amazing images for their partners (say as a gift her wedding day), some women are also doing it to feel seductive through boudoir photography and have a session done just for themselves.

Many women now know that feeling sensual is good so they do shoots for nobody but themselves. It is empowering and boudoir photography helps them love their own bodies more.

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