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We believe that the images you receive after the boudoir session are very important and we want you to love them, but we think that having a joyful and blissful experience DURING the shoot is equally important. It’s not all about the destination, right? The journey should be thrilling and exciting as well!
A boudoir session is not just about getting sensual photos taken of yourself. There’re a lot of other things that make a boudoir session so much more special than that! A lot of little things that happen behind the scenes to make your boudoir shoot an everlasting experience that makes your stunning images even more seductive. A good amount of light, all the lingerie sets–if any–and perhaps some props is not all that matters, there’s actually much more to it than that


A Boudoir session consists of many components. After the initial booking you get a preparation guide containing all the relevant information to help you feel confident about your shoot and help you get ready, in your own beautiful way.


If you’re not sure what lingerie to wear, you’re not alone. Most women who’re going to have their first ever Boudoir photoshoot have no idea if their lingerie is right or wrong, whether they should buy anything else, and also what specifically they should wear. The bottom line is that there’s no right or wrong. You can wear the kind of lingerie that makes you feel the way you want to feel during your photoshoot. Imagine looking at your images after the shoot. What do you see? What do you want to see? Wear that. Don’t see any lingerie on yourself while imagining the finished photos? Then wear nothing. You can also bring more than you think is necessary and you’ll get help choosing at your boudoir session.


Did you know that it’s not necessary to do your hair and makeup for the boudoir shoot? Some girls love doing their hair and makeup and some girls don’t. What kind of a girl are you? This shoot is about you, so you decide.
You can do your own hair and makeup, or you can get it done professionally. It’s your day, so you call the shots.


When you arrive to the location for your boudoir photography session, you’ll get to enjoy a glass or two or three of champagne and get to relax, and get comfortable with the place, yourself, and the photographer. The photographer will do some test shots for you to get familiar with the sound that the camera makes and get used to the focus being on you. Then slowly, but surely you’ll find yourself in lingerie actually getting photographed. The photos you see on the back of the camera will make you smile and see yourself in a new light. It’ll give you even more confidence and give you ideas. There will be a flow and soon you’ll have hundreds of astonishing images of yourself to choose from.

Now when we talk about the boudoir photo shoot, most of the women don’t know how to pose for the camera, so this is where we’ll help you pose. We’ll also use some of your favourite inspiration images–if you’ve selected any–to recreate them with YOU as the gorgeous model. There will be a lot of in-between the poses shots which you’ll also love.

The way we interact and empower women before/during/after the shoot has a positive impact on them and they simply feel amazing. Our pose coaching, cheerleading, and expression coaching guidelines will make you have a blast on this special day because you’ll probably see your Hollywood look for the very first time ever. You’ll have an incredible and everlasting experience while working with us. It’ll boosts up your confidence, empower you and make you know that you’re a lot hotter than you thought you were. It’s a good feeling.

If you feel ready for the next step, contact us and let us know whether you’re just wanting more info or if you’re looking to make a booking.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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