A Little bit About God's Picture Book

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We believe in empowering women, bringing them joy, helping them feel happier in their own skin, and celebrating their bodies.

We do that through boudoir photography and videography.

We’re an Auckland based photography and videography company specialising in boudoir and nude photo and video creation.  

God’s Picture Book was established in 2018 and it’s run by Nicu Castravet, a Canadian-European artist who is a full-time professional photographer and videographer. He moved to New Zealand in 2017.

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Hi there, my name is Nicu Castravet and I am the founder of God’s Picture Book.
Every woman has so many positive aspects about her. My job is to shine the light of appreciation on you and show you just how beautiful you are. It all starts with a few test shots, then you seeing yourself on the back of the camera, and it progresses to you discovering just how freaking gorgeous you really are. After you leave the shoot, you will feel like a cover girl, and you’ll be totally blissed out!

If you’re considering a boudoir shoot, I would love to be the photographer for you! If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, click the “bookings” button on the website and schedule a free call.

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